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Re: question for jack

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Apr 27 11:25:55 2009

>>> hi Jack I have been reading back on your discussion board and think there great your explanations are very clear and informative . my question is someone wrote in june 2000 asking what is the load ? YOU explained it almost the same way as it is written in the swing mechanics section on your web site, except in 2000 you mentioned that in the load your bat heads tilts slightly towards the pitcher i have seen some major league hitters do this, one extreme example is darryl strawberry he barrel loaded. do you still recommend this? do you teach it now? <<<

Hi Jerry

I have written a good number of posts on preparing the launch position and the terms used in that preparation. I think the post below may be the one you are referring to. I give my interpretation of the term "loading" and ask an interesting question -- Can batters (like Strawberry) who exhibit PLT be both "loading" and "un-loading" at the same time while preparing to launch the swing?

Re: Loading

Strawberry & Sosa pre-launch - Difference in PLT and THT

Jerry, I prefer to teach applying THT from the normal launch position. As a teaching aid, I have the batter cock the bat forward and apply PLT to stress the point that the bat-head (and top-hand) must first be accelerated rearward before arcing around forward. Some students prefer to retain PLT. But in to many cases, I find it can lead to swing-plane and other problems. However, there can be great benefit to those that get it right.

Jack Mankin


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