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Re: Re: Dog-legging the bat

Posted by: Dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Tue Apr 28 07:59:23 2009

> hello dave i do know what you mean when you say you are doglegging the bat. Could you be lunging foward towards the pitcher and pushing your arms and hands foward as you stride or swing ? Because this would force both arms to far fowards towards the pitcher, and your arms would lose connection to your body at contact, the closer the back elbow is to the body the lighter the bat will feel and able to control. If you use proper rotational mechanics you should be able to acomplish this.try going in front of a mirror and just turn the body and stop at imaginary contact ,dont use much arm power check your postion at contact in the mirror notice your shoulders tilt and the bat tilt and the bat should be an extension of your lead arm palm s up and down try to look like the swing mechanics batter does at contact on this web site

I am not lunging forward with my body but perhaps I am with my hands. The best way to describe my swing is arms dominant and back side dominant. I drop my rear shoulder because I try to hit hr's all the time and just try to crush the ball over the fence by overswinging. I think the problem with dropping my rear shoulder has everything to do with my lower body and my stride towards the baseball. Or they at least work hand in hand. If I concentrate soley on NOT dropping my back shoulder and just keeping level shoulders at foot plant then I automatically will have a good stride that is balanced and I will be hitting off a firm front leg instead of most of my weight on my back leg.

It's SO interesting how there are parts of the swing that go hand in hand with eachother. The dropping of back shoulder and weight shift really go hand in hand. If you drop your back shoulder you are most likely trying to uppercut the ball (me trying to hit hr's all the time) and if you do it to an extreme you will put too much weight on your back side and not attack the ball with your lower body.


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