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Re: hitting is complicated

Posted by: Michael (mchosmer@gmail.com) on Mon May 11 21:49:35 2009

> Hi michael hitting is very complicated the great Ted Williams said [no one had to work harder then the natural hitter .] The greatest of them gets it right about 35% of the time at most .SO there is much room for discussion and improvement .Even Alex rodriquez must think hitting is difficult because they say he works as hard as anyone in mlb at it. I heard him say on tv Rudy Jermillo changed him from more of a front foot hitter to a more of a back foot hitter so even A rod must still be evolving as a hitter with all of his amazing sucess.the things you say are true to be a good hitter you need balance, bat speed ,timing, and bat head accuracy and you cant . think to much at bat ,but thats whymost are here to learn ,hopefully with thounds of correect swings they can hit to there potential and if you look at this site with a open mind you will see that the great such as pujols rodriquez Bonds Ruth do take circular hand paths extend the front knee at contact on middle, and inside pitches. really rotate there shoulders establish the swing path on line with the ball early I myself doubted this site at first but the more I read here and watched what the greats really do , I can no longer deny it unfortunatley jack mankin ,puljos, rodriquez cant teach us to hit like them imagine 9 puljos in the cardinals line up all the rest of us can do is try learn and hopefully thru tens of thounds of swings build correct muscle memory and become the best teachers and hitters we can be>

First you said hitting is complicated then you changed the subject and said hitting is difficult. I completely agree with you that hitting is difficult, especially hitting a 90mph+ fastball. In fact it is the most difficult thing to do in sports.

I believe in the rotational concepts this site preaches for the most part. However I think a lot of what is talked about such as the shoulders rotating and a circular hand path is a natural byproduct of a good swing If you told Rudy Jaramillo to work with his hitters on rotating their shoulders and getting a good circular hand path he would laugh at you.

People can watch an MLB swing in slow motion and see whatever they want to believe in their own imagination. Certainly Jack has and stands by them. That's fine. But in my opinion he puts way too much stock in shoulder rotation and circular hand path. Both happen naturally and you can't over analyze things and try and work on that in a batting cage.

Ask yourself this... Do you really think any MLB hitters work on those things in the batting cage? I wouldn't bet on it.


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