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Re: Re: Stride Timing

Posted by: Coach Dad (plbd@comcast.net) on Sat Jun 6 17:13:23 2009

Torque, thanks for your response. Putting into the written word these actions can be difficult. I'm not saying to shift weight forward at stride/ separation, weight needs to stay back.Striding to me is not weight movement forward. Its the optimum timing of stride when one strides that Im questioning and more specifically the wait time. I have read that a late stride can be very detrimental to good hitting, and many are late. I feel all preliminary motion should be stopped for a mini seconds? before forward launch , earlier stride would facilitate this, to pick up speed and read. Again bear in mind forward to me was only very light stride not weight transfer.These thoughts are based on a 14 yr old facing 50 to 75 mph at 50 and 60 ft mounds.I feel the term weight transfer can be interpreted as linear. I have checked Jacks archives and found some rather interesting posts back in 2005. Thanks for your input Torque


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