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Confidence at the dish

Posted by: Jerome () on Wed Jun 10 21:04:17 2009

So over my high school season, I did very well. I was called up as a sophomore to start at
shortstop and bat leadoff for my high school varsity squad.

My fielding, which was the reason I was called up, wasn't up to par, at least to me, but my
hitting was very good. I was actually impressed with myself and my ability to adjust to 17
and 18 year old pitchers.

However, I'm starting travel season in a few days, and I get REAL coaching there. I play in
Chicago so the high school programs aren't out of this world, and my coach in summer
really doesn't like my swing and is always adjusting and giving constructive (which is fine
because I love being coached and always want to learn to be better), but other guys on the
team have such more refined swings, that I feel once this season will start, I'll be playing
like a joke. I also worry that this confidence problem will take out any chance of me being
a successful hitter this summer.

Are there any special tricks that I can use to stay positive on myself? I'm usually very hard
on myself and often joke about not belonging on the team. I literally feel like I've lost all
confidence just because I'm not satisfied with myself as a player.

P.S. I don't want to come across as rattled or emotionally and mentally weak, because I use
this to work harder during practice as well as the offseason, and I believe it's good to be
hard on yourself somewhat, but not to the extent I am.


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