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Re: How far can you hit off a tee?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Aug 6 12:35:25 2009

>>> I remember a video of John (I think that's his name) where he hits a ball off the tee over the fence. We do not know specifics like bat length, wood or metal, distance to fence, etc. but if John has the skills to hit a stationary ball off the tee over the fence then others should be able to do that.

My freshman high school son and I have tried to improve using a tee versus spending money in the batting cage but neither of us can exceed 280 feet. He is 15, 5 feet 11 at 140 pounds and very fast on his feet. I am 6 feet one at 180 and have less muscle mass. We have tried wood bats 33/30, stealth aluminum 33/30, stealth 32/29 aluminum and we both hit the same distance. We are using rotational mechanics.

In earlier posts, it was said that trying to kill it does not work and with our experiences this is very true. The smoother swing gets better distance. We still can not figure out how to squeeze out another 30 - 50 feet.

We are avid believers in your program but we are missing something.

Got any ideas? <<<

Hi Bruce

I was somewhat taken aback with your statement that you remembered a video of John where he hits a ball off the tee over the fence. As I recalled, John's tee work was used to demonstrate mechanics and did not show or mention the ball's flight. So to make sure, I reviewed our instructional video and found I was correct. We did show John hitting balls over the fence using different batting styles. However that was while swinging at live pitching.

Sorry, but I do not have any data on ball flight differences of balls hit off a tee compared to live pitching. Maybe some of our readers could help you with the answer.

Jack Mankin


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