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Re: Re: Re: Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: South () on Wed Sep 9 06:23:39 2009

I can answer that, but my questions/points have not been addressed either. What the hips do, the shoulders are going to do. If you try to keep your shoulders straight while the hips rotate, that is fighting against the movement (not as quick, fast). As to Jerry talking about slight adj on inside/outside, that would require a high degree of reading the pitch to make that adjustment once you start your swing.

Again, My stance is there is not a linear or rotational style of hitting. You cannot do one or the other. True the great hitters cited which are only POWER hitters hit with a circular path to pull the ball out of the park. Look at the real great hitters like Jeter, Ichiro, and Gywnn. They do not do this.

My questions/statements to be addressed that would help me understand are: Is there a seperation of the trigger/stride and the swing? The bat head in most videos is lagging behind the hands, this lends towards hitting the inside part of the ball. How do you hit through the ball in a circle? And to me, the path is elliptical...which has more longer straight path to contact. Also, using physics if you get the bat head out away from your body, it going to slow down, there has to be greater force pulling it to the body to keep the inertia of the bat from flying off (casting hands here???) Like rotational movements of ice skaters, they keep hands close to accelerate and hands out to decelerate.

I know there is a lot in here, but these ideas are what seem in contradiction to rotational and linear only styles.


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