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Re: Rotational vs. Linear

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Oct 14 10:03:09 2009

Hi Coach9

I would certainly agree with you that a batter's bat speed would be of little value if he cannot make consistent contact. In order to have a productive discussion, I need to have a clear understanding of your concerns of rotational mechanics. For the sake of clarity, would expand on what you mean by, "Rotational hitters "circle" the ball"? Are you referring to the hands, bat or both.

We have often discussed on this site the linear cues "Keep your hands inside the ball" and "Short to the Ball, Long through the ball." When I ask most coaches to demonstrate these cues, they exhibit the classic 'A to B' hand-path where the hands are extended across their body toward the pitcher. They believed that allowing the hands to be rotated in a more circular path would lead to the problems you described.

If you have a different perspective of the mechanics that accomplishes those cues, your detailed description would be helpful. Once I have a clear understanding of the mechanics you advocate, I would be happy to discuss our differences.

Jack Mankin


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