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Re: Strikeouts

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Thu Nov 12 12:13:21 2009

> 6 months ago I switched from a linear swing to a rotational one. The results are very noticable and I started hitting with alot more power. The swing is consistant and mechanically sound with THT CHP and BHT. However, in games my timing is off and I am ahead of everything. My strikeouts have increased and I often kill the ball foul. Homeruns and doubles are turning into strikes! Has anyone else experienced/heard of this problem? I think it may just be from the increase in batspeed, but Its hard to train your eyes to react differently in live situations. any help is appreciated

Hit the center of the baseball. By the center, I mean the vertical axis down the middle of the ball. If you can change which part of the baseball you are going to hit then your timing will come to you. Obviously, if you are early and pulling everything then you are hitting the outside of the baseball. Hit the center of the ball.


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