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Re: Re: Re: Re: THT

Posted by: rql () on Fri Nov 20 17:23:52 2009

> > Hi Mark & Chuck
> >
> > THT is the term I use for the mechanics that accelerates the bat-head rearward from the 'launch position' to the 'lag position.' I have shown many video clips of the best hitters applying THT and plotted the bat's rearward trajectory. Before we discuss how the mechanic is best applied, I think you would have a better understanding of the mechanic's importance if I showed swings where little THT is exhibited.
> >
> > I will work on some comparison clips this weekend and hopefully Brian can have them ready (internet address) early next week. In these clips I will point out mechanics that generated good rearward acceleration and those that do not. -- Although I agree with you that BHT can generate good bat speed by itself, all the college hitters I studied who produced 700+ slugging percentages, exhibited strong THT mechanics.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Thanks Jack.
> Yes, I have seen many of your video clips on this site. I think I may have read all of the postings involving THT as a discussion topic. The video clips have been helpful in understanding THT. I'm just not sure how to best drill it or isolate it so that I can reinforce the proper mechanics for THT portion of the swing process.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Respectfully,
> Mark
mark get a bag,like jack uses,then a smaller bat than your son uses,1 that he can swing, line him up with the bag so he is hitting an away pitch,have the contact point be perpendicular to where the pitch would come from,I find that tht really helps alot on balls away,when you can learn it away 1st then you can learn to use it on balls pulled with out hitting around the ball like the other man referred to.Anyways small bat use only top hand to swing and just have him focus on that rear side hip driving forward ,rear forearm rotating the top hand flat ,wrist driving bat back,then the rear shoulder driving the rotation around into a contact point to hit the away pitch up the middle.That rear elbow should be away from rear rib say 5inches to get that barrel to the outside pitch,unlike the middle in pitch where that elbow will get tight to the ribs
.Last point make him realize that the rotation of the rear shoulder should drive the swing as the barrel comes back into the lag area and he wants the hands to be ahead of that elbow by the time that elbow gets down to its slot point.Otherwise he will be having bat drag.


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