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2 strikes

Posted by: Mark (mjury@amgen.com) on Thu Dec 3 10:58:11 2009

We have all probably heard coaches (or ourselves) tell players to "shorten up" their swing when they have 2 strikes. I know I have probably said that 1,000 times to my players over the years. Of course, the idea is that we are simply looking for contact to put the ball inplay... with the hope being that a short swing will allow the batter to make contact.

Jack, do you subscribe to the "shorten up" swing philosopy with 2 strikes? If so, what is your advice on how to best do it? Do you simply use less or no THT? Do you put your back elbow at or near your side (the slot) to start? Do you reduce the amount of height of your back elbow, say by 50%? Do you cut down on the front shoulder rotation? Obviously, any of these choices will reduce bat speed and power, but is it the proper thing to do to make contact with 2 strikes?




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