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Down to the Ball

Posted by: Eugene J Bleecker II (Eugene@ProGripBaseball.com) on Thu Dec 3 13:28:18 2009


You obviously either haven't done enough research, or are taking clips of people getting fooled out in front or from the HR Derby. I think it is unfair of you to give people this false information while the rest of the Baseball community has the knowledge. It is physics Jack which either you don't know enough about, or just don't care. It looks to me like it's more important to you to feel like the big guy than to admit when you are wrong. The pitcher is on a raised mound throwing the ball on a downward plane. The hands are starting above the strike zone and the barrel is starting above the head. Swinging down to the ball making contact with the middle to bottom third and then extending up through the baseball after contact, provides for the MAXIMUM amount of backspin and lift off of the bat on line drives. I dare you to go find a physics professor and get their testimony on here. Unless you pay them there is NO WAY they will put their name on this site. Also, your not the only one with slow motion video analysis, WE ALL HAVE IT. Obviously the entire baseball community other than the dads and youth coaches you are fooling with your slow motion analysis of HR DERBY swings, think what you are saying is nuts.
I have done PLENTY of slow motion analysis of Major League swings and unless they are UNDER the ball, or have gotten FOOLED on a pitch falling out in front, or are in the HR DERBY most are trying to hit line drives. Line drives and hard ground balls provide for the maximum amount of hits and if you ask ANY COACH they will tell you they prefer a line drive hitter to someone that is swinging for the fences every time, striking out 200 times a year and popping out the rest. There are VERY FEW guys that can get away with swinging for the fences all the time and they are all 6,4 250 lbs. To try and SELL that idea to smaller players telling them they can generate more power is IRRESPONSIBLE and WRONG becuase you are praying on people that don't know the right information. I guess you don't like reality or truth and I'm sure you will never change your mind but I feel sorry for ALL of the people that are buying into this crap becuase they are going to come to hitting instructors like myself that will have to fix their swing. Your are hurting every single youth player, parent and coach that buys into this CRAP. I would love to hear your response to this.

P.S. Didn't you know that players change their swings for the HR Derby which is why SOOOO many won't participate. Look at the Stats of players after they compete in it and tell me what you think then. Bobby Abreu is a PERFECT example. Here's a guy who gets CONSISTENT contact and 150 + hits a year. He is a balanced hitter with a balanced approach. What happened to him after he competed in the HR Derby a few years back????

Eugene J Bleecker II


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