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Re: Re: Pitch Counts, and the Rotational Swing

Posted by: Rich () on Mon Oct 16 20:10:39 2006

> > Hello.
> > I've been looking into pitch counts to see how they affect how well a batter does (ex. 3-0 count=.900 obp on average), and i've been told to "protect the plate" and be more defensive in pitcher's counts(which ive found to be any count w/ 2 strikes),and i was wondering:How can you protect the plate and such, with a rotational swing?
> Choke up on the bat and look to hit the ball where it's pitched.

>> Bad advice... what you've just told the hitter is "your regular swing mechanics aren't good enough" now they have no confidence. have faith in your swing. ALL swings should be launched with full power every time.


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