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Attn: Chris, Jack, and Gym Teacher Debate Con't

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Wed Nov 1 06:59:52 2006

Hi All,

First, so as to avoid misquoting Chris, I would like him to affirm or deny the following to let me understand whether or not we are "on the same page":

Chris, I cruised through your photos of Pujols, and noted the following:

1) At contact, Pujol's back leg is in a perfect 90 degree "L" shape.
2) At contact, Pujol's back calve angles towards the pitcher.
3) At contact, Pujol's back thigh angles towards the pitcher.

Do you a) agree with these statements? or b) disagree with these statements? A response would be deeply appreciated.


I see Pujol keeps his rear toe in contact with the ground more often, which rarely occured in the past. Your elaboration on the issue will be greatly appreciated.

Gym Teacher,

Pujols rotates around the spine rather than rotating around the front leg. I wish to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Best to All,

P.S. I would appreciate the input from all three, if possible.


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