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Weight back

Posted by: Matt (gborzello@yahoo.com) on Tue Jun 22 07:49:48 2010

I have worked deligently with my 6 year old, during the regular season he had no fundamentals and was hitting the ball harder and more often than he is now in All Stars. He is 9 for 21, but only 3 solid hits.....

frustrating because alot of things he is doing is good turning hips, loading, etc... but there are a few things I just cannot get him to except know matter how many times I show or tell him, and it is the most important aspect.

Keeping your weight back and staying behind the ball. This causes him to reach and drop front shoulder. I show him the power position like 5 x's a day. No matter how many times I show him and tell him to swing in slow motion, he leans forward even in slow motion and drops his front knee. It is driving me crazy!!!!

He should be behind the bat, with his front leg almost straight. Not to mention he should have his right elbow close to his body meaninf his wrists are firm but not strong and he is whipping the bat with his body.

I have some ideas on how to fix, but I invite any suggestions before I mention anything else.

He has a tourney game today so I am afraid to say too much, he understands load, step, squash bug, but reaaches for and lunges at pitches, than it pulls his head down and everything. I say wait on the ball!!!

Sorry man, it just is frustrating before we started building his swing he was swatting it pretty good. Now he has more bat speed but can't get it solid because he is hitting nothing but choppers.

I almost want him to develop an uppercut just to compensate.


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