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Re: “Debunking Linear Cues”

Posted by: T2A () on Wed Dec 20 14:25:58 2006


Great idea debunking so please while your at it (and other posters) can you debunk or provide any logical reasons for these:
Keep hands inside the ball? Really? I have never seen anyone "hit" the ball with their hands outside of it? So great idea reminding a hitter to do something they automatically do anyway. Seems like a ridiculous clue and needs to be replaced with what they are really trying to say (and no I don't know what it means and I know not many players can tell you what it means either).

Please someone clarify what is meant by a level swing? What is this LEVEL suppose to be level with? Relative to what? The ground? The sky? The pitch? A spectator??? What is Level and LEVEL WITH WHAT???

Sorry I didn't help you Jack but without seeing your dirty dozen I am hoping you include or will consider including these.



> Hi All
> We are currently developing subjects to be covered in our Video Analysis DVD & Program. One of the topics is “Debunking Linear Cues”. So far, I have listed 12 linear batting cues that have stalled batter’s progress for decades. In order to be as accurate as possible, it would be helpful to have your input on the “intent” of these linear cues.
> As an example, the linear cue that I am presently addressing is; “Don’t hit around the ball.” – What is the intend of this cue? – Since the bat only moves forward less than ¾ inch while in contact with the ball, we know the bat is not rapping around the ball. Therefore, I assume the cue is intended to have the bat hit the “inside” part of the ball rather than the “outside.”
> If the bat strikes the inside of the ball, it will be driven to the “opposite field.” Hitting the outside of the ball will drive it to the “pull” side. -- Is there a difference between telling a batter – “Don’t hit around the ball” than there is telling him - “Don’t pull the ball?”
> Your input would be appreciated.
> Jack Mankin


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