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Re: Eureka!

Posted by: Skipper (csu2727@yahoo.com) on Fri Dec 31 19:42:56 1999

> Jeff - Very interesting concept. The transference of energy from one object to another during a rebound effect - with a causal effect of depleted energy from the primary (or impact) object.

Consider this: have someone take a basketball and throw it just above your head. Then, with a Louisville K100 strike the basketball with an excellerated force and check the rebound effect off the frontal lobe of your skull. Who cares how high the baseball bounces off the basketball when you drop it.

Now really consider this: extension of the front arm just prior to contact causes the head of the bat to excellerate because of the suddend stop of the bottom hand - the back arm (top hand) continues to move forward, now at an excellerated rate, transfering expoientinally into the head of the bat (Eureka! - that's where batspeed comes from).

Now, isn't that better than getting hit in the head with a K100

See Ya!


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