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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why rotational hitter strike out alot

Posted by: cooach13 (halour@netscape.net) on Sun Jan 7 18:58:12 2007

> > >
> > > Hi coach13,
> > >
> > > Please read my post responding to Dave P. and you will see that I am not advising a
> strictly linear approach. I also think the coach that you used as an example could have
> had more offensive production if she hadn't been strictly rotational. Disconnection of the
> hands from the body is what gives you more barrel control along with power. This is why
> when you use a hammer to a nail (which you need to control with as well), you disconnect
> the use of your hands from your body. Your body doesn't move with your arm and the
> hammer head as you swing it.
> > >
> > > I do agree that pitching dominates fast-pitch softball because of the way hitting is
> taught. Strictly "linear" swings will never produce the most consistent quality at-bats, but
> neither will strictly "rotational" swings. It is a combination of the two that is the most
> productive in game situations. So who is aking "blanket" statements in this discussion. I
> don't think that it's me.
> > >
> > > Jimmy
> >
> >
> > Hi Jimmy
> >
> > Ok you talked me into it I will use blanket statements as you do.
> >
> > 1. Why do linear hitters hit into so many double plays?
> > answer- because the swing plain is more of a downward path and
> > they generate less bat speed so they have less power.
> > 2. Why do linear hitters strike out so much?
> > answer- because they cant catch up with the fast ball.
> > This requires them to start sooner and makes them
> > vulnerable to off speed pitches. The swing plain allows
> > little margin of error for being late or early on a pitch.
> > 3. Why do linear hitters pop up so much?
> > answer- they dont match the plane of the ball. The ball is
> > traveling in a downward path the bat is traveling in a
> > downward path if they hit it on the bottom of the ball it
> > pops straight up.
> > 4. Why do linear hitters rarely get extra base hits.
> > answer- because they disconnect from the power that the core
> > muscles procuce.
> > Jimmy your example of using a hammer with your arm is a good example.
> > If I wanted to break a rock using a claw hammer how many blows would
> > have to be delivered to break a rock 12 inches in diameter? VERSES
> > using a sledge hammer and using the core muscles as the source of power.
> > In boxing if we compared the knock out ratio between the jab and the hook I wonder
> which punch has the best knock out ratio.
> >
> > PS I asked the coach if the combination of rotational and linear would have
> demonstrated better results for her. She said the coaches she knows that have tried this
> have had less than desireable results. Well there you have it Jimmy some blanket
> statements. I have one passing question can you present a linear hitter that has a career
> batting average higher than .402 and a career slugging percentage higher than 700?
> Coach13,
> Almost every single Major League hitter tries to incorperate "rotational" AND "linear"
> qualities to thier swing. Do you need all (350 or so) of thier names or should I just
> mention Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Grady Sizemore, Albert Pujols, Travis Hafner,
> and JimThome...need more.
> Just because you THINK you know what you see doesn't mean you know what the hitter is
> actually trying to feel or accomplish by having that feel. Maybe that softball coach you
> were talking to might understand that statement because it sounds like she has some
> what of an idea.
> I know for a fact that Pujols tries to have a feel of a linear action like taking his barrel
> straight down on top of the baseball to hit it nine miles. Does this mean that it actually
> looks like he does this if you watch his film? No. I'm sorry that his numbers aren't as good
> as your softball coaches but I'd say they're o.k.

Hi Jimmy
I agree most players dont actually know or even think about what they are doing as they try to hit a moving ball, and feel is how players learn (creating neuro sensors). Digital recordings are so fantastic. I have recorded every player you yave mentioned and down loaded ther swings into a slow-motion software program. I use these swings for demonstration and comparison with the players I coach. Did you know that their arms dont move until after contact. Their body throws their arms and there is no disconnect until after contact. If the arms move before contact I would consider the swing to be linear.
Thanks for the discussion


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