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Re: Re: Re: Re: Fence Drill

Posted by: Jeff (kidd@islc.net) on Mon Jan 3 15:35:49 2000

Hi all,

If I might interject here, Dawg, I think this is exactly Jack's point -- you must apply force constantly.

If hand torque alone is responsbile for angular displacement, which Jack's research seems to bear out, and if we agree that applying force over time will result in more bat speed than trying to apply force suddenly, late in the swing, then a circular path in which torque is applied with both hands would produce optimum angular displacement. But if you use a straight, linear hand path, you're pulling along the bat's centerline, and the bat won't rotate around the hands.

The only question I've had of Jack regarding this point is whether "angular displacement" and "batspeed" can be used interchangably (which IMO he sometimes seems to suggest). If not, I think that also opens the door to contribution by a "tripping effect" of the hands and even a degree of linear extension late in the swing, which seems to be what Adair describes when he says the "hands move out of their arc-like path." But again, I would be arguing for synergy of several forces, not against the existence (or even the importance) of torque.

If I understand him correctly, Jack's concern about the fence drill is a valid one -- the hitter might be left with the notion angular displacement must be initiated late and "cheat" to avoid hitting the wall by pulling the bat in a straight line. Instead, they should be letting the rear arm ride tight and the lead arm should be draped across the chest as the shoulders help pull around. To me, the difference between the two is the difference between a consciously wristy swing and a swing that takes adavantage of summation of forces and truly achieves the circular hand path.

Or at least I think that's what Jack's saying.



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