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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: What we

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sat Jan 13 22:36:05 2007

> Jimmy
> It is my opinion that it has to be spent at the top of the swing right out of the gate.
That is high level.
> That defines early batspeed. That defines bat quickness. You don't have time to
develop the speed later.
> If you do, wait longer and still swing with that "launch and spend" swing.
> The shorter the swing the better the hitter. The earlier batspeed the shorter the swing.

Hi Teacherman,

I agree with many of your thoughts that you've posted here but I tend to slightly disagree
on this one. This is related to the type of "load" the hitter uses to get himself into a
position to launch. If a hitter is at a paused or still position prior to launching the barrel,
then you are right about having to spend alot of energy right out of the gate. Objects at
rest tend to stay at rest and it takes alot of energy to get that barrel going. It also makes
that bat feel like 100 lbs. doing it this way.

This type of load and launch is less efficient than having your load fluently continue into
the swing. It is much easier to have an agressive under control approach with the fluent
load and it helps to shorten the initial path to the ball with greater batspeed through the
point of contact. This means that the most energy that the hitter is going to apply is
about midway through the path and not at the top of the swing. This gives the hitter the
best chance to hit the strikes with authority and take the pitches out of the zone
regardless of being ready to hit the strike.

The hitter should have his swing started and continue through the ball on good pitches to
hit and shut his swing down on pitches out of the zone. Rather than waiting to see if it is
a good pitch to hit (while at a stand still) before turning the swing on. This is where many
hitters are late and end up pulling off as a result.

It should also be pointed out that the load should come from the legs and feet... not the
hands. The movement in the hands is not a forced action it happens naturally with a good
lower body load. Controlable rythm is the key to a good load and a good load is what
allows the biggest exertion of energy to happen further along in the swing path rather
than right out of the gate. This is at the highest level.



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