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Re: Machines that pitch

Posted by: Banks (sybanks@gmail.com) on Mon Sep 6 12:48:36 2010

> hi all A army of pitchers to throw you batting practice at game speeds day after day is the best. But who has that? im saying take live batting practice when possible.But when you cant machines can help with a 100 swings a day.Under no pressure, you can practice hitting with a plan.I like the ones you can see the ball roll into the machine before the pitch comes out . there better for timing and staying balanced
> you wont devolpe bad habits like lunging.also get into the different speeds that the cages have I met a kid at the batting cages who was mashing the ball. he told me he worked at the batting cages. he told me as a junior in HS he batted 200% then his senior yr he started working at the batting cages and hit in the 600hundredsin his senior yr. he said the batting machines helped him that much and the way he was hitting the ball I belived him.

Fat Pete,
Those are some impressive numbers that guy gave you. If he didn't exaggerate then I'd be willing to bet that either he (1. Wasn't a very developed hitter mechanically and the very fact that he took so many swings that he increased his hand eye coordination. (2. He wasn't developed very much physically, and he increased his strength levels. And/Or (3. He didn't play against very good competition so he was able to hit .600 (which is still good by the way), but if he was playing against really good competition then after hitting .600 he would have been drafted or gone to a D1 school. Since there was such a dramatic rise in his performance then I'd be willing to bet that he just didn't have good mechanics to start with then improved them over the summer and fall, and he didn't play against very good pitching.


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