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Swing critique needed -- 2nd try

Posted by: Coach Steven (steven@ars-inc.com) on Mon Jan 22 17:59:08 2007

Jack or anyone else.

Here are two clips of my 7 year old son's swing. I posted them on another hitting website and wanted to get this forum's opinion on what we need to work with.

We have the final arc and have been working on rotational swinging for about a year now. I also coach an 8u baseball team and have been working basically with everyone on our team.

My personal opinion on my son's swing is that his stride is too long and he may open up a little too soon which causes his lead arm to straighten and maybe lag behind slightly. So far what I have been told is based on these clips, that he starts hip rotation prior to foot plant and that his back arm slots too soon.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. Please let me know if the clips do not show up on the links.




Coach Steven


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