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Re: Re: Can someone explain to me

Posted by: HitMan () on Wed Dec 5 16:15:55 2001

I am delving deeper and deeper into rotational mechanics, and I am trying to understand each aspect.
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> > Thanks
> Paul -
> torque is either two forces pushing in the opposite direction on opposite ends of an object to make it spin/turn OR one force pushing one end of an object while the other end is held stationary to make it spin/turn. (got that? )
> At the start of the swing, before or near the beginning of shoulder turn, the hands can torque the bat. By keeping the bottom hand still (not pulling forward), the top hand pulls back toward the catcher. This gets the bat barrel moving, arcing back toward the catcher as the shoulder turn pulls the bottom hand into the swing.
> Hope that helps. If you need examples, Gary Sheffield, Carl Everett, Barry Bonds, etc. Look for players who wiggle the bat and try to see what they are doing.

Major Dan: It's the moment of truth, the batter decides to swing. Can you suggest any mental or physical cues to help the batter "keep his bottom hand still"?


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