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Re: Re: how well is the new swing trainer actually working?

Posted by: Scott (scottfox99@yahoo.com) on Mon Oct 4 14:00:00 2010

When do you think that video will come out?

> >>> I watched the video for the new rotational hitting training device "The Connector". One question; although there is a noticeable improvement in the players swing planes with the device on, what are you seeing for carryover effect when they take it off and swing "normally"? Obviously the device cannot be worn in a game. Have you noted an average length of time before improvements in the swing begin to "stick" even when the device is taken off? <<<
> Hi Ernie
> The training aid keeps the batter's elbows and forearms in the correct relationship to maximize the transfer of the body's rotational energy into bat speed. But, as you point out, the batter must also maintain that relationship while swinging without the "Connector"? I have received a good number of reports that the batter noticed an immediate improvement (or "carryover") from just emulating what they felt with the aid.
> Once my students take enough swings to become comfortable with the aid, we go to a 'four swings with - four swings without' routine. During the 'without swings,' I have them concentrate on the rotational principles that will produce the "carryover' you refer to. I did see much improvement in their mechanics while working with the bag and tee. However, it requires more time and hard work to overcome their old muscle memories and burn-in these new mechanics into their game swing.
> I am in the process of producing a video of the rotational principles and drills I referred to above. A link to the video will be provided to those that purchase (or have already purchased) the "Connector." I think you will find it very helpful in explaining how to use the aid to maximize a batter's potential.
> Jack Mankin


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