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Re: Re: Re: Home alone with a

Posted by: Jeff (kidd@islc.net) on Tue Jan 4 23:24:00 2000

Hey Dawg,

Dang, I'm at a loss to explain it. (Impressive feat, though.)

I'd expect the exact opposite result in light of what I've read in various sources regarding bat mass. The consensus seems to me to be that, within reasonable ranges of weight, the momentum advantage gained by an increase in mass is more than offset by the loss of velocity. In fact, I read something about that recently (I think by Terry Bahill), but I don't have it in front of me right now.

My only three guesses would be that for some reason you 1. made less precise contact with the lighter bat (which doesn't really seem logical to me), 2. were fatigued when you swung the lighter bat or 3. you're strong enough that the 2-ounce difference didn't affect your bat speed enough to off-set the loss of mass.

But those are purely guesses.

Anyone else have any ideas?



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