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Re: Re: Re: On plane with the ball

Posted by: Steve (smeisy@sbcglobal.net) on Wed Feb 14 23:52:17 2007

I think the label is to better understand the mechanics of the swing. There are three basic rules to rotational hitting. Hips lead the hands, hands inside the ball and swing on the path of the pitch. Please tell me what cue or advise given to a linear hitter comes close to these. Famous linear cues, hands to the ball or knob of the bat to the ball. By extending your arms there is no way to keep your hands inside the ball. Swing level or swing down, the ball is coming in a downward flight from the pitcher and you tell me to swing down and by swinging down the ball is going up?! Or swing level, level to what the ground. I am not trying to hit the ground. Knowledge is the key to good hitting and as long as coaches or just people refuse to learn things will never change. Don't get me wrong I like linear hitters they get on base so the big boys can hit them in. If you have time please make me a list of all the great linear hitters that are in the hall of fame. The players of today might not talk about linear vs. rotational but 99% of them are rotational

Take Care


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