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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Schmidt

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sun Feb 18 20:44:38 2007

> >>> That is great that you can observe video and tell me what you are seeing, but the art of hitting involves different sensations in order to create the swing that you see. What you see isn't always what the hitter was trying to do. <<<
> Hi Jimmy
> When it comes to verifying your batting theories, you have set up a neat dodge system. You seem to care less what the batter’s mechanics produces. Your arguments concern unverifiable items like his “feelings”, his “intentions” or what “sensations” you think he
may have. You know very well that nobody can verify what a batter is thinking during the swing. However, we can see what trajectories of the bat and limbs his mechanics did produce.
> So Jimmy, quit dodging my question. If most MLH bat trajectories are not on an up- slope at contact, point them out.
> Note: the same will be true for many of your other statements. – I have verified with video analysis all the principles we use at Batspeed.com. I will expect you to be able to do
the same with your future posts.
> Jack Mankin


All that you have verified is that a good swing looks a certain way. I never denied that the ball is struck on the upslope, what I do deny is that all good hitters actually try to swing on an upslope. You are making claims that you can not prove unless the hitter himself states that he is trying to do or feel what you claim. I do know Major League hitters and coaches, and I do know what they are thinking and trying to feel during their swings. And they are all different to some degree.

How do you approach the situation where your hitter keeps swinging up under the ball at too much of an angle? Do you say "Swing up! But not that much!"? This is what I mean by feel. If that hitter feels like he is doing as you ask then you and he needs to make an

I respect the work that you've put in trying to analyze the baseball swing, but the fact is that hitting is not only about analyzing video. I takes the hitter seeing himself and applying adjustments to his swing as he and his coach sees fit. Sometimes the adjustment
is the opposite of what your theories are in order to swing the bat correctly. It depends on the feel that he communicates to his coach.

You accuse me of dodging but all I am doing is being honest with the gentlemen in this forum. I am not claiming any absolutes as this site does. I do claim that I have somewhat of an ability to adjust my coaching styles and terminologies to best suit the individual
hitter from what I see AND what he feels.

If strictly "rotational hitting" is the answer to all hitters prayers and you have the video to prove it, than why is there still so much debate? Can't you agree that there is debate because no matter how alike hitters are, they are all very different in how they learn and develop.




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