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Re: Please Jack, a question for you.

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Dec 10 00:04:38 2001

please read post, by me, on Sat Dec 8 09:05:10 2001. would really want to know what you think.

Sat Dec 8 09:05:10 2001
>> > "squashing the bug" can be interpreted by different people, many different ways. as a general rule i don't advocate the seemingly physical translation of what the term seemingly implies. therefore, an answer by me would just muddy the water. sorry for the cop-out, but if you better define what you mean (in physical terms) by "squashing the bug"?

but, your question has generated the most interesting discussion here, in a long time.
if i may, tom, with apologies to you, ask a question of all recent posters to this thread (yourself, batman, jack, tom.guerry).

rh pitcher
rh batter
normal stance (not up nor back, nor in nor out)
fastball with no movement, belt high

two pitches thrown - one over the center of the plate and one on the outside corner.
where do you feel the optimum contact point for either pitch is, in relation to home plate?
i should have said rh rotational batter and hi shawn, i would like to hear your answer to the above question as well. ray porco <<<

Hi Ray

First, I would need the answers to more assumptions
 How many outs?
 How many on base?
 Hitting behind the runner or need a fly ball?
 How fast am I?
 How deep is the third baseman playing?
 How much power do I have?
 How long is my stride?
 Etc.

Ray, normally I would have a batter practice making contact when the bat becomes perpendicular for most pitch placements. But there will be times (being jammed with a pitch for one) when this is not the best choice. --- Contact is made about even with the lead-knee.

Jack Mankin


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