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need a little help

Posted by: Mark H. (mark_h45@hotmail.com) on Tue Dec 11 21:49:05 2001

I'm involved in a discussion of hitting mechanics on a high school baseball web site and the fellow I'm discussing it with likes hitting.com. After looking at hitting.com, in order to better understand what this fellow means (I am also trying to get him to post on here), I find it difficult to pin down exactly what hitting.com is proposing. It sounds pretty linear, but there are mixed signals and it's all in bits and pieces. Perhaps if you buy his package there is more, but from what I see (closed front foot, knob to the ball, etc) I am not interested in his product. For the sake of helping me with my discussion with this fellow, can someone give me a rundown of the mechanics taught at hitting.com? If you would prefer to do so by email for some reason that's fine as well.

Mark H.


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