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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SKIPPER, question about timing

Posted by: () on Thu Jan 6 10:59:30 2000

>>>>>"...I do think it's proper to teach a hitter to swing through the ball. So you're telling him the right thing in terms of cues. But if you believe the bat actually accelerates through the ball, you're only passing on myth. >>>>

Great, we do agree on the above statement you made. That's how you coach - good. And yes, we agree that the ball/bat collision "must" (in theory and practice) cause the bat speed to decrease. I just speak mostly from a coaching stand point - to get the best results and telling players that the bat slows at contact just isn't good coaching even if it is good science - so I will keep this in mind as we have discussion in the future.

It's good to know that do wash your hair, too.



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