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Teaching mechanics but players not hitting the ball

Posted by: Alex (alexdsr@hotmail.com) on Fri Mar 16 08:41:22 2007

I have been teaching the rotational hitting mechanics to my players
(13 & 14 year olds) for the last three weeks.

I video recorded them and checked their mechanics.
They appear to be doing well (despite a few imperfections) during
They would hit off the coach and they would hit off our two
pitching machines.

During a scrimmage game last night though, they kept missing the ball and some would fall back to bad mechanics.

I am frustrated since I worked so hard with them.
Even the ones that apparently kept their mechanics were missing the ball.

Is this psychological or what?

What drills can I do to get them to calm down and hit the ball?

I am opened to suggestions.

p.s. I do not yell at them so the stress is not coming from me. :-)


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