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linear vs. rotational

Posted by: rql () on Sat Feb 9 16:07:43 2002

I have been asked to coach a local h.s. team,what is fun is having some kids that are rotational and some linear.Its like night and day.rotating guys have never had a lesson and bat 3-4-5 in the line up.Linear guys fill in the latter spots and have had instructors for 6-7 years.I propose questions why these rotating guys hit so much harder and then I show them the difference.The other day One told me that his 35$ a half hr. guy would have him throw his bat at the mound and see if he could reach it, to help get the feel of extension.so I asked that if they thought more batspeed would get the bat to go further,they agreed.So I got up and swung linear and it went just past the mound,then I swung rotational and let go and the bat traveled 30-40' into the o.f. in the air.needless to say I opened some eyes and they are beginning to question all their lesson money.


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