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softball homeruns.

Posted by: Joe softball () on Sun Feb 10 10:36:18 2002

I'm 5'5" and can bench 375lbs. and I weigh 200lbs and am strong and lean. Why is it my longest homeruns only go about 305 foot in the air? I should be hitting 400ft. bombs but am not. I have more bat speed than other who hit it 350+ but the ball just does not carry off my bat. I've tried all the bats also. I also squat 500lbs. I'm lost? I'm batting about .520 which I think is damn good but I want to hit more than 3 or 4 homeruns per season. What should I do? Go on juice and increase my press and squat? I'm seriously considering going on sustanon 250. I want to be a bigtime hitter by the time I'm 28 in 2 years.


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