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Stance & Timing

Posted by: Coach Dad (plbd@comcast.net) on Tue May 8 09:15:21 2007

Jack, Hope you can help. My 12yr son has been playing rec league for 4 yrs now. Great defense, poor hitter during games. I have worked with him quite a bit. He can hit almost anything I pitch to him and hard. Different story during the game.Heis very focased at the plate & has now developed a crouch stance and actually drops his hips as the low ball approaches this locks every thing up.The season has just started and I dont know if I should change to a more upright stance or get him to try to weight transfer to a longer stride to firm the front leg from this crouch position. He is hitting under the balland weak or pop up when he hits. Whats your advise. 11 at bats no solid hits


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