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Re: Re: Whip and Flail

Posted by: grc () on Wed Mar 20 07:12:00 2002

Hey guys, I can't seem to get the same whip and flail affect for the outside pitches that I do on the Inside pitches. Usually I roll over on the outside pitches when I try to get that nice flail that McGuire has. Any suggestions?
> My suggestion is to credit Paul Nyman for terms you are using. Why don't you ask at Setpro?

i know i'm just a lonely voice in the wilderness,but.........there is another school of thought on this matter ..............many big leaguers & professional hitting instructors subscribe to the theory that except for the big & strong mcgwires, you can't hit the outside pitch to the pull field or even centerfield without rolling the top hand.....it has to do with anatomy....the optimal way to hit the outside pitch is to (1) let the ball get in closer (2) let the hands get ahead of the bathead (3) hit the inside part of the ball........

of course, heaven forbid, this means going "linear"...but at this site i have previously cited clips with exact frame #'s showing big leaguers going "linear" on outside pitches....

no disrespect intended to the distinguished mr. mankin, mr. guerry, major dan, etc, but simply an alternate idea subscribed to by more than one big leaguer/ex-big leaguer, including the hall of famer, mike schmidt.....

respectfully, grc....


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