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Re: Re: Re: The cause of hip/shoulder rotation -- Cont.

Posted by: Dave P () on Fri Dec 3 17:40:59 2010

> Hi Dave
> I find that as hip rotation is being initiated, both knees (front and back) start to rotate. Although I did not prefer it, I see little problem with rotating the back-knee to initiate hip rotation. I teach my students to land on the ball of their lead-foot in a closed position. Then rotate the foot open about 45 degrees (like Pujols) at heel-plant to initiate hip rotation.
> I do differ with you on the role of the lead-leg. You state, "The back knee internally rotates with weight transfering rearward which at the same time due to rearward weight transfer forces the front leg to straighten early in the swing." -- I have read similar theories that the lead-leg is puled straight by hip rotation. These theories imply the lead-leg contributes little or nothing. Whereas, I contend that the extension of the lead-leg contributes more to hip rotation than the back-leg. The video below explains my thoughts on the role of the lead-leg.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/media/Giambi_rotation_momentum.wmv">Giambi - Momentum & lead leg</a>
> Jack Mankin

Thanks Jack

Actually that was my point that the lead leg straightening helps the hips to rotate but in the case of bug squishing with the back foot it makes the hips rotate too much or too soon.

I am an advacator of NO BUG SQUISHING and want more drive by the back leg. I want my students to be in control of their shoulders so that they can help to control when they snap their wrists (I would assume that is your BHT) Circular hand path is created by rotating the shoulders with the hands staying connected to the them until it is time to snap the wrists. That is a whole other conversation.

Do you find that some players tend to continue to rotate their lead foot too far past the 45 degree angle that you are looking for when they start closed and pivot open. I prefer my students to stride to their instep with their foot at a 45 degree angle so that then the heel drop is striaght down. This would be the reason for their back foot to initiate the rotation.

Dave P


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