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Re: Circular Hand Path

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Feb 7 23:28:45 2000

>>>A friend of mine introduced me to your site and he has had several interesting discussions with you. One topic of conservation had to do with the "circular hand path" that you recommend. I think his understanding of this concept was that the hands move in this "path" on a somewhat horizontal plane. This would promote "casting" of the hands and cause you to hit "around" the ball.

I am fairly new to your site, but have now read most of the information that you have here. My understanding now, is that this circular hand path is more towards a vertical plane and this would have more validity. <<<

Hi again Curt

The path of the hands would not be horizontal as they should start at shoulder height and lower to about the belt at contact. --- Casting occurs when the hands take an angular path without a corresponding rotation of the shoulders.

Curt, a batter can get the bat out in front and pull a ball but there is no such thing as a bat “hitting around” or wrapping around a ball. That is another batting term at has been repeated so often that it is considered a “Truism” but test prove it to be a “Fallacy.”

Jack Mankin


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