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Re: back arm

Posted by: Ed Black () on Mon Mar 6 19:39:25 2000

why would someone like Mike Piazza have such great batspeed if he starts with his back elbow down? He brings it up when he brings his bat back; would this have anything to do with his great batspeed?

I do not understand why, at the earliest age of kids, you always hear "get your back elbow up". Go to any batting cage, or game where the players' age is less than 12, and you will hear this slogan - guaranteed. However, my theory has always been, if the elbow is up, where is the only place it can go? That would be down. And following the elbow down would be the shoulder, thus resulting in a major uppercut. If you watch major league hitters, you will see every stance immaginable. But they all get to the hitting zone in a similar way, and that is what is important. Mike Piazza is like most hitters from the standpoint of - when the hands and weight shift back during the trigger, the elbow will extend away from the body. Batspeed is the result of torque and power through the swing, and the elbow must have a certain amount of room to clear the chest/ribs. I believe Piazza creates some of his unique batspeed from his "loose" wrists, which is very evident in his recoil after he hits the ball. He is slightly bigger than your "average Joe" also.


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