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Re: The

Posted by: nick () on Sat Jan 15 07:00:58 2011

> I figured I would start a different topic beings that the science part of the swing always tends to be used way too much on here. I once heard a ball player say that "Players who are "dumb" tend to be the more successful ones in baseball." Can anyone share and explain what that means in their own words. I would love to see where this goes.

I had a coach tell me that. It doesn't literally mean those who lack a certain level of intelligence are more successful. The implication is that those who do not THINK TOO MUCH/OVER ANALYZE whenever they are hitting, and have "SHORT MEMORY" from a possible bad last at bat or something, are more successful. How many times did you go up to the plate thinking about all of your mechanics, and previous at-bats.. It creates a lot of clutter in your mind when what you need to be doing is dedicating 100 % of your focus to the pitch coming.. It's ideal to be educated on the mechanics of the swing. Albert Pujols practices mechanics for hours in the cage..But when it comes gametime, he "becomes dumb", in that when he swings, it's a response, more or less.. What it comes down to is just being relaxed and not thinking too much. See the ball hit the ball. Let your body respond. Don't over think..


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