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Back elbow

Posted by: Swing-It () on Tue Aug 27 21:55:03 2002

"From a low back elbow position, most batters are setting themselves up for a push swing with the hands (toward the pitcher), but it is possible to still apply lead shoulder rotation and still hit for pretty good power (using BHT)."

Assumptions, assuming.

The back elbow down transfers any rotation directly through the shoulder complex, with direct transfer to the arm/bat link. The top hand rides along with the elbow, infront of the elbow, being driven forward without any effort on the batters part to drive the top hand.

McGwire sucked most of the time, but when he did it right or well, sweet.

The draw back is the rotation will leave you somewhat short, not enough arc or room to have a decent or free swing. Adjustments are a bitch, so the swing is usually short to long.

Giambi is a good example himself, hits crappy base hits (full extension), weak. But, if he gets it correct it fly's. Giambi and Mac are somewhat similar, accept Giambi will take the weak base hits and Mac just liked to strike out.

There's other ways around the low elbow, some will tip the bat (bring the back elbow upward while keeping it close to the side, Bonds (somewhat), Williams, Rafeal). The degree's vary, the problem with this is the elbow might come back too soon as the barrel drops and lead the hands.

If we could count the ways.

Just swing it


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