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Re: Re: Re: Internet advice

Posted by: Alan () on Wed Aug 28 10:01:32 2002

I have not posted very often on this site, Setpro, or any other hitting forum. However, I follow the discussions quite intensly. I had the same questions of credibility you had Sal when I first began reading. Over time, I began to grasp the ideas presented here and all I can tell you is that this is the real stuff when it comes to hitting with power. Whether your coach believes it or not, using these ideas are going to increase your batspeed... I don't know the credentials of everyone here, but if you're looking for an intelligent analysis of the baseball swing, you've found the right place. Please don't let the fact that these are internet sites sway you from the wealth of knowledge to be had.
> On a side note... RQL, I just got a new system and all my hitting files are gone. If you have anything to offer please give me an E-mail.
> -Jake
> Also consider that many of the books and tapes you have are of the "how to" variety where the author tells from experience (their success) how you can improve if you swing their way. I would challenge you to go back to those books/tapes and see if any tell you why these work from the point of view of the physics of hitting. How many of them would have the confidence to have thier work scrutinized by people far more knowledgeble in the area of mechnics and physics? Jack's research has done that.

On another note I think you should tell your coach to get into the 21st century. The internet is an incredible source for volumes of information (of course some good and bad). By this website "putting itself out there" it is succeptable to much more scrutiny, but also benefits from the open disscussion. Remind your coach they don't call it the "information super highway" for nothing.


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