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Atten Jack: Power vs Control

Posted by: Frank Jessup () on Fri Aug 30 06:18:45 2002

Jack M.,

S. Procito has injected into the discussion the idea that hitting the ball around the middle creates as much "power" as bat speed. I don't know about the percentage but I agree that a lot of power is a result of where the ball is struck. A fast bat hitting the bottom quarter of the ball
is just a higher pop-up then a slower bat.

But, I never read anything on this, or other sites about the part of the swing that is designed to control the swing and hit the ball in the middle, or near the middle. It's never even mentioned. Why is that?

S. Procito states that the swing is a "balance of speed and control." I do not think any one can disagree. So, what are the control elements of the swing?

Frank Jessup


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