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Indoor Winter Training

Posted by: Ricky (juk3boxh3ro@yahoo.com) on Fri Aug 10 06:37:30 2007

First of all, hello to everyone, this is my first post though I have looked and read through many of them to date.

I've decided that I'm going to get serious about training for baseball. I'm going to be a junior in highschool and want to make a career in baseball. That's my dream but I do have other things to fall back on because....well, it's a hard thing to acheive. This year during school I was in quite a slump, and hit like .280 with a .390 obp and that wasn't very good, so I did a lot of tee work before Babe Ruth, and boosted it to .560 with a .680 obp...

On a scale of 1/10 I might have a 5 or 6 in power...and it is fairly inconsistent. So I came here to do what?? Increase Batspeed!!

Anyways I'm in the process of setting up a cage and a personal pitcher pro in my basement, for getting live swings, but I'm not sure how exactly I should make progress...before posting this I've sone some looking and decided the Overweight/Underweight training would be best...

Anyone got any ideas on how to go about this...

I need a routine...



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