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Re: Anderson bats

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsoth .net) on Tue Feb 15 18:26:03 2011

> Hey does anyone care to share their experience with Anderson bats? This spring is the last season the boys are allowed to use composites, and Anderson is American made and only makes metal alloys. I'm thinking of their 29 drop 8 for him. They are pricey bats but I've never seen one used on any of his teams before.
> Thanks

For 2 1/4" barrel
We had a Techzilla and it dented easily. Switched to a Demarini F2 then an F3 and found they were very good and lasted longer than any other youth bat.
For the big barrels we like the Voodoo in any drop.
If you can find an Albin bat on E bay it would be worth it. It is an excellent bat in any size and drop.
Good luck!


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