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Re: the things you hear at a HS baseball practice

Posted by: KML (caloebsmobile@yahoo.com) on Tue Feb 22 20:01:47 2011

How are your results compared to the rest of the team?

> The other day I was out on the field for my high school team. The first question asked was "what is the shortest path between two points". Almost everyone (excluding myself) answered a straight line. Last year, my coach complained that the team couldn't hit an inside pitch. This year, the same thing will likely happen. Why are hitters so indoctrinated with "a to b hand path, casting (CHP) is bad, swing level to the ground, not the ball" rather than "swing slightly up, use CHP, and don't squash the bug"? Some of my coaches believe that everyone must swing linearly. I swing rotationally with THT/BHT. I firmly believe that I should continue the way I am hitting. Opinions?


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