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Re: Re: A-Rod & The Swing Plane ‘cont”

Posted by: Teacherman () on Thu Aug 23 00:05:12 2007

> Hi All
> This is a continuation of the “A-Rod & The Swing Plane” thread below. We were running off the page, so I am starting it as a new thread.
> (Shawn)
> >>> Jack,
> Stop dodging the issues!!
> Your making no sense and pulling things out of thin air.
> Torque is not the cause of batspeed. I bet I could go out and swing the bat with just my lead arm and generate a good deal batspeed (close to as using two hands).
> Batspeed is generated through "momentum" transfer. It the whip affect, I know you don't understand the whip.
> What the heck do you mean the bat travels through 200 degrees, look at the clip the bat travels the "same" distance the shoulders rotate.
> Stop denying video just to support your theory, you sound as bad as the second engine guys. Just making stuff up. <<<


Jack is absolutely correct about the distance the bat travels versus the distance the shoulders travel.

YOU and the PCR/PCRW guys are the ones denying video.

IMO, Jack has not defined what is causing the barrel's movement properly. But he sees it. So do I.

YOU and the boys are simply denying the video evidence.


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