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Re: Mechanics

Posted by: CJ Howard (cjhoward@imatexan.com) on Tue Mar 22 09:34:01 2011

Hi guys.

I'm seeing a lot of rotating going on here. I've learned a lot about how to swing the bat, how to teach the swing, and how to analyze a swing. I'm looking forward to continuing learning as I browse through these pages & the archives.

What I have not seen though, is anything concerning hand eye coordination.

Is it the belief, that if the swing is properly taught, if the swing is properly performed, that the bat will find the ball?

If my girls (all the girls on the teams, not just my daughters) are swinging and missing, is that because the swing is not right? That there are "holes" in the swing?

Or is there anything we can do that will help the girls' hands hit what their eyes see?


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