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Top hand torque.

Posted by: Noah (Noahmcdx@aol.com) on Mon May 2 16:34:54 2011

As I read in the increase in bat statistics section on this website,
21 players in 1993(?) used this mechanics to initiate their swing and
they all dominated in stats. I was curious to know, how it is you can
tell if someone is pulling their top hand back to initiate the swing
from watching video only? I do understand what it is you mean, as
I've been working on rotational mechanics for about a year now, but
I've only once consciously tried creating torque by pulling with the
top hand, and instead it lead to an increased number of, "You're
dropping your hands" remarks. This very well could of been just a
result of my own misunderstanding of how to initiate my swing this
way, so I'd like to give it another try. Is this something that you
either have or you don't, or is it something I can try to do to
initiate my swing with?

What can I do when I take swings to try and create this THT, and also,
what do I watch for when watching video of a swing to try and see THT.


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