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Adding the ability to hit with power

Posted by: Kevin () on Wed May 4 08:38:45 2011

Because it seems that this is at the core of what Jack is teaching, I'd like to hear his feedback (and that of anyone else who has practiced his teachings and brought them into play in a competitive baseball game vs. live pitching).

This quote is from Branch Rickey and I'd like to know how factual his stated opinion is (outside of the use of PED's):

"I've never heard of any ballplayer adding power. I've never seen a young boy come up to the major leagues who could not hit with power and watched the coaches work with him and then seen the day come when he could hit with power. You cannot add power: You cannot add it to a runner or a pitcher or put it in the arm of an outfielder: A man is born with power: And that is it. You can teach a man who has power to use it - and that is an art. Power is inborn, and its control and explosive use are instinctive."


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