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Re: Re: Re: Short swing

Posted by: Bart () on Sat Nov 16 16:03:06 2002

I hear a lot about how a short, compact swing is good and a long swing is bad, but I have yet to hear a good description of a short or long swing.Can someone tell me what makes a swing long or short?
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> > Rotation makes it short. Linear makes it long. Rotate to contact v. pull knob to contact. Hitting the ball deep in the zone v. hitting the ball "out front".
> Thanks for trying but frankly that answer is not very informative.I'm looking for specifics, not a regurgatation of the pros & cons of "linear" and "rotation".

Marvin, I think what most coaches consider a "long" swing is a swing where, early in the swing the bat arcs out excessively; some call this "casting". The problem with this notion (and I agree that "casting" is bad) is that many coaches use the same remedies for curing casting to make a swing that is NOT too long & NOT casting but with the objective of making the swing "shorter". Fact is, there is a point of in-between, where the swing is not too long & not too short.


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